Get YOUR GameShow On...LIVE!

Every client has different needs and besides, you'll want a different package every year just to keep things fresh.  So, it's up to you...Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3?  Best of all, you're a winner no matter which one you choose!

The Santa Package










Why save the best for last?  We start you off with the best and keep it going!

    This is our introductory GameShow LIVE! that includes a surprise visit from Santa Claus, who wil then host your GameShow LIVE!--in character! 

    Santa goes through his "Naughty & Nice" list with the top management to start things off, then gives them their opportunity to give a gift to the company, by all of them SINGING ALONG to a favorite Christmas song and THEN we get our party started!

    Santa goes on to host other games that you choose, including Santa Stuffing and the $10,000 Santa Says Game--where you and your co-workers have a chance to win up to $10,000! 

Uh huh!  Seriously!



Alright, so last year was great, but how can you top THAT!?!?

We have even more tricks up our sleeve to keep your group involved and leaving with a smile on their face--again! 

    The SUPER GameShow LIVE! brings 8, Jeopardy-style, thumb buzzers to the table, where up to 8 contestants can play at once with trivia, name that tune and more.  First one to buzz in gets the chance to score the points for their team--or individually, and then go on to win prizes from the prize table.     

This is also a phenomenal way to raise funds for your charitable event as we sell contestant slots to guests or get guests to pitch in to get their favorite co-worker, teacher or friend up on stage to compete, and with 8 spots available every game, it's a great way to bring in extra funds in a spectacular fashion!



GO BIG or stay home, right?


An LCD projection system with up to 20 remote activated buzzers sets the stage for EVERY table in the group to participate.  Questions appear on the big screen and the entire room competes for prizes and world domination!  Trivia, Movie Clips, Song Clips, whatever!  Best of all, EVERYONE is on board for the fun!


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