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The Cure for the Crappy Christmas Party, Grad Night, Fundraiser...

Corporate Events      Grad Night
Company Picnics
       Bar/ Bat Mitzvah
Fundraisers                 Sweet 16
Bachelor/Bachelorette & much more

Let's face it, we've all been to parties that were less than stellar. 

And some kid standing behind a table pushing PLAY--or worse yet, a co-worker running his MP3 player--does not make for "stellar" entertainment.


The best parties are the ones where EVERYONE gets involved! 

Our parties are designed with YOU and YOUR GUESTS as the entertainment!

Great TV-Game-Show-Style participative games with all the music, applause, bells and buzzers that you would experience if you were on a TV Game Show--because you ARE!  Fully produced, LIVE, right before your eyes!


Proper planning, site/venue selection to fit your group, expert coordination and precise timing, ALL play critical roles in the success of an event.  Once all of these are addressed, THEN, and only then, can the entertainment deliver a night that you won't soon forget!


So...that's just what we do...EVERYTHING!


Planning, Coordinating, Decorating and best of all--Entertaining!

Full-service make life easy for you and makes a great party for all.

We start with an included planning session where we present different options for you to custom tailor the event you would like to see unfold.  We'll design an outline for the evening with your approval.  Then we'll coordinate with your venue and caterer to make sure that the event goes off flawlessly.  If you haven't yet selected your venue or caterer...even better!  We have worked with just about every caterer and played at almost every venue, and we'll be happy to help you choose one that can provide the quality and expertise you're looking for with out all the guesswork.


We truly are your "one stop" for all of your entertainment needs!

© 2013 by My Game Show LIVE!  /  DJ One One Entertainment

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